Planning your new home build


Planning your dream home

Things to think about when planning to build

Undertaking a building project can be challenging and time consuming but also enjoyable and frustrating all at the same time. To ensure that your project runs as smoothly as it possibly can there are some steps you can take to contribute to this.


Time spent planning, researching, looking at materials, ideas, designs & designers will save you time and money later. It’s better to take longer here so you build it right rather than to rush into your project and regret it later on. It is much easier and less stressful for both builder and client if your plan is clear from the outset as changing things once your build is underway can be costly, this may also affect the entire build schedule right down to the sub-trades that are involved. As it is a busy industry your builder will have to book in the required sub-trades i.e. gib stopper, painter, plumber for certain stages of the build and most sub-trades need quite a bit of notice as they are often taking bookings from other builders and will need to fit your job into their scheduled so if changes are made without enough notice it is possible that the particular sub-trade involved may not be able to re-schedule your job for a period of time, so this is another reason why planning is very important.


This is the exciting part and can be a lot of fun because you are essentially bringing your dreams to life. If you already have ideas in mind for your dream home or renovation make sure you share them with your designer, any good designer will work with you to make sure your ideas are incorporated where possible. At design stage you will be able to make changes and re-work your plans until they suit your requirements, this can be time consuming but remember that the more time taken here should result in less stress down the track.


The planning and creativity is over, now it’s time for construction to begin. Seeing your home come to life from paper is a fantastic feeling and experience, make sure you keep up to date with what’s happening and make sure your professionals are doing the job right.  Your builder is a crucial part of your project so you need to make sure you have chosen a good one and one you can trust.  As mentioned earlier making changes after the build has begun can be costly and can cause delays.


Always check with your builder on what insurance they have and what insurance you are required to provide. Also make sure you talk to your insurer before you embark on your project to see if you are covered for the work that you are considering as you may need additional cover and this is another cost you may need to take into consideration.

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